Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter has not been kind. Dec 3, 2013 gross picture update. (apologies in advance)

Since it's started getting really cold, my skin has definitely had some difficulties. 

First, I can really tell where my TSW skin is now because it doesn't hold a lick of moisture. Not a bit. I'll slather my skin in my "magic" cream and a couple hours later, the affected skin is bone dry. Before winter hit, I could survive moisturizing once or twice a day. Now it's a constant battle. 

I wake up with my entire chest, shoulder, neck, wrists and face being ashy and bone dry so I have to immediately shower and slather with cream. In addition, I have to apply moisturizer constantly and it just adds to the itch that I feel...

Cold really hurts. Even though the heater is so drying, it's almost preferable to having no heat and my skin being pretty uncomfortable through the night. Sleeping is way easier with the heater blasting and my skin being bone dry as opposed to having the cold on my skin. 

Shedding has come back really bad. Since I can't keep up with my skin drying out, the flaking up of skin has been inevitable. On top of that, my skin has gone back to being very itchy when I apply my moisturizer and I end up scratching and lifting more skin in the process. 

I don't want to say I'm flaring necessarily. My skin is just really not putting up with the winter months. All my pesky symptoms are back and it's just a matter of managing them to let my skin heal up. For example, my itch is so bad I'm constantly scratching open my left foot. I think if I just were able to let it heal up for a few days, it wouldn't be so bad but the itch is hard to fight!

Ugh. Winter sucks. 

Unhealed skin is much more red and constantly itchy

Left foot is out of control! Elephant skin all over and light oozing.

Close up. This spot won't stop itching and oozing!

How are all of you adjusting to winter and what steps are you taking to make yourself comfortable? 


  1. Sorry to hear winter has been tough for you....I'm in NY so we are deep into winter as well. I noticed a slight difference with the weather change and the heat going on in the house. For me I stopped all moisturizers 2 months ago around my 7th month mark. I noticed I itched soooo much more with it. Also all the research from Japan was pointing to the moisturizer being problematic with TSW. Since stopping I no longer shed my skin. I also have been seeing a naturopath that has helped me tremendously. I actually find it preferable to have it colder than warmer - the heat really irritates my skin as it is still sensitive but no longer so dry. I freeze everyone out at home - keeping the thermostat at 62 degrees most days and the heat on very low in the car. Some days I put the temperature up and just wrap ice around my neck so everyone at home can be more comfortable. It's a constant battle! :) Hopefully you can find something that works just right for you!!

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Nice to hear the no moisturizer has helped you. Unfortunately, I've tried to stop a couple times and I think my skin just isn't ready yet as it just turns into a hot mess of flakes and pain. Right now, my skin is still manageable with my current routine so I'll keep going until I need to make a readjustment.

      Yeah, I was forced to have it cold because my place's thermostat broke and it was a real struggle for me. Having the heat back has been a godsend. I guess each person's skin responds differently and it sounds like yours might be further along in the healing process if it can survive without moisturizing and in the cold :) Lucky you!

  2. Hey Megan! You sound just like me!
    My skin hates the winter and cold. I have to have the heating on at home and my skin is flaking a lot right now, it is worst in the mornings when I get up because I usually have the sheets bundled up over my head!

    Moisturiser withdrawal doesn't work for me either. At the moment, I am flaring in areas where I haven't moisturised in years, so it makes not difference to me.

    Do what makes YOU comfortable and keep focusing on summer!

    Hugs x

    1. Hi Louise, I totally had the sheets over my head when my heating was out! Now it's blasting nice and toasty so I can keep my head out. But yes, just a few more months until the air warms up. Until then, just keeping my body covered with clothes as much as possible!