Monday, November 18, 2013

6 month update: 1 step forward, 1 step back

Nothing much has changed if I compare last month to this month. Well, at the beginning of the 5th month, my skin was getting better. But then the weather changed.

Winter friggin' sucks. Since the cold and dryness have set in, my skin has kind of reverted back to their previous state. It feels like it's in a limbo and doesn't know if it wants to get better or worse.

Folds are itchy as hell in the evenings and producing a light amount of flakes again and my pesky left foot really doesn't want to heal. 

Both ankles and tops of feet have patches, though left one is way worse. Left 2nd toe also developed a patch.

I have patches on my second left toe and left ankle, as well as my left ring finger and between both my hand's knuckles that just kind of persist, not getting better or worse, unless I scratch them too hard. 

This is what happens when I scratch. Must have self control.

So I'm really just trying to prevent scratching by wearing long socks and long sleeves if possible during the evenings. If I'm really diligent, I have pretty good skin days. 

Luckily, sleep seems okay thus far and the itch doesn't really get to me during the day.

My routine has gone back to normal, in fact I'm full on dieting to lose the weight that I've gained and thus far have lost 6 lbs which definitely lifts my spirits. I'm just hoping that by going back to my old routine, one day I'll just wake up and realize I'm healed!

I've also made a new batch of my cream and this time, added 1.5 parts olive oil : 1 part beeswax, with the same amount of honey. The consistency is way more spreadable which is great now that the weather is getting too cold for me to quickly melt it.

Anyway, this is a painfully uninteresting post but really, nothing is happening with my skin. It's just the same day in and day out and I'm just trying to keep my mind off of it now that I can.

Happy healing to everyone out there. The end is one month closer :)


  1. hey hun! good to see things 'unchanged' that's good that it's not gone worse. it probably is improving just sooo slow u don't realise cos u see urself everyday. good that things r back in routine for u. did u gain a lot of weight becos of TSW? keep warm xxx ahfaye

    1. Hi ahfaye, Yes I gained about 10 lbs in the early months mostly because I was comfort eating and when I couldn't sleep, I would snack a ton. I'm sure my skin's doing something but the lack of change feels much like purgatory. Oh well, looking forward to better days!