Friday, December 20, 2013

Moisturizer Withdrawal Log: Day 2

Not much has changed. I did get a full night's sleep though (worth a celebration!), once I found a comfortable position where none of my skin was stretched too much. I find "first position" of ballet is a good way to lie. It airs the armpits and doesn't tax the wrist skin.

Also, there were less blood spots on the pillow in the morning AND when I showered, it felt like the skin flakes were holding on tighter.

So in the morning, my skin looks like lizard skin, scales of all sizes covering my skin. I routinely gently slough off the skin in the shower. Today, it felt like there was less skin sloughing off which I see as a positive sign because my skin actually wants to stay on!

This lovely desert scene is quite reminiscent of my skin's current state

It is really quite scary looking at my scaley skin (it literally looks like a cracked desert covering my entire body) and I think my brain processing that image makes me more itchy than the skin itself. My best course of action is just to stay covered so I can't observe my skin's state. 

Again, still lightly oiling my face skin with grape seed oil but tomorrow, when vacation starts, all moisturizer will cease forever!! (forever.. forever..)

face with light oil vs neck on day 2 MW

I'm really feeling quite positive about the whole thing as this taut skin is pretty bearable as long as I stay relatively still. 

Yay to positivity!

Please keep the comments coming about your experiences with MW! I love hearing them and find them comforting. And hopefully will get a blog list going here as well. Thanks for the support!


  1. I wouldn't use anything to wash, no shampoos or soaps or cleansers of any kind on your skin. Unless you work in the oilfields it is not necessary. They will all dry and irritate your already sensitized skin. Once you're done tsw you can even use highly scented shower gels, but for now just warm water! Trust me!! And don't rub.

    1. Jitka is that you?? I missed talking to you on the forums back in the day. What do you use to wash your hair? Bc right now my head is one of the flakiest things and I can't figure out how to tame it besides shampooing. I saw a blog about using baking soda so I may try that. What do you do when you have itch attacks?? I just had one and ended up wiping my skin down with iodine and ice packing it.

    2. Hey Megan, I tried replying twice last night and each time I hit submit my comment vanished. Here's one last try. If it doesn't post, I'll email it to Dan and ask him if he wouldn't mind posting it. So frustrating!

      Your shampoo is probably made with something irritating. If you're using anything from a drug store, supermarket or salon, it will be full of parabens, sodium laurel sulphate or other such skin irritating ingredients. I know some people do the "no poo" method, you can google it. I like to straighten my hair though and don't want to revert to curly, so I wash it twice a week. I make sure to never let it run on my skin. Here's one I like, but everybody's different. Health food stores usually have a big selection of cleaner shampoos:

      With regard to itching fits, I don't really get them anymore. If I get itchy now it's because I'm dehydrated, stressed, or overheating. I just scratch, it doesn't do much damage anymore. The only remaining area is around my wrists, and it's so minimal. I sent dan a pic and he sent back virtual laughter at my "terrible tsw" :P

      As far as ITSAN, I left in summer sometime. I didn't find it supportive or informative. And I was tired of second guessing my posts.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask away! But staying away from all things including iodine, will help you. Just maybe silver on a cut to prevent infection. Let you body do it's thing.


    3. Oops, I meant to say that comment is from Jitka. She asked me to post it for her.

  2. Mate I completely know what you know about the sleeping positions haha! The first position also works real well for me or I like to put both arms down but lay them down at 45 degree angles to my shoulders to get some air flow through. Like you, I just started my MW withdrawal as well and today is the end of day 2 for me. Good thing is there's a 3 week break so I can let my skin be as dry as anything without having to face anyone. Keep going strong!