Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Moisturizer Withdrawal Log: Day 7

Merry Christmas to all! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday.

I had a family dinner yesterday so just staying in today and I'm still dry! I'm finally getting used to it by now BUT...

I'm so frickin' itchy!

So, I've been sleeping 4AM till 2-3pM these days which is good b/c while I sleep, I don't really itch.

During the day it really isn't that bad but once midnight hits, ungodly amounts of itch set in. I have been uncontrollably scratching my neck skin, probably because it's the only area that's exposed and past couple of days I've been really been oozing out where I scratch.

I know we're supposed to prevent scratching during moisturizer withdrawal but I've really been having trouble lately. At least by the next day it dries up. I think it's more about itch/pain management and I'll have to start preemptively taking pain killers before the itch hits.

What are some of the ways you prevent itching/scratching? I'd really love to know.


  1. Hi Megan,

    The itch is hard to overcome no matter if you moisturize or not. But without moisturizing you will find your skin will get stronger soon and the scratching won't take such a heavy toll. The best things I found to reduce my itching were to eliminate foods highest in histamines, and take pills. I also would drink a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water late at night too when it got really bad. If you do this, be sure the baking soda is fully dissolved well before drinking, and keep in mind it's about the amount of sodium in a can of soup. So, I reserved it for "special" times. It helped me a little. Atarax helped me sleep at times I really needed it. The itching will slowly subside week by week as will your other symptoms as long as you don't moisturize. I remember the intense itching all too well! I still get itch attacks in my sleep at times, but nothing like a few months ago then when it was 24/7 and so freaking intense. Hang in there! I'm rooting for ya!

    1. Thanks for the comment Dan. I'm feeling like my skin is stronger than 2 weeks ago, but still quite itchy. Haven't tried the baking soda thing but lying in bed definitely helps! Hopefully I'll get better in the weeks to come.