Thursday, January 2, 2014

Moisturizer withdrawal log: week 2

Well 2 weeks down of moisturizer withdrawal!

I can't say I'm looking much better. Still covered in dry skin flakes. 

But compared to the first few days, I am in better shape. I am shedding way less. When I take my clothes off, instead of an avalanche of skin, it's now more of a light rain. Pain has subsided and I am off the pain killers for sleep. 

Itch is still an issue. Though now no longer mind numbing, I still get itch attacks (I think when too much skin flake is building between my clothes and skin) so I've found taking all my clothes off and shaking off the shedded skin helps a lot. Also changing clothes every 12 hours if possible, but I'm not always doing this just because it's a lot of laundry to do and the shaking off normally suffices. 

My skin on my foot is now mostly dried down, save the top by the toes which is an easy spot to scratch. I dry it down with a blow dryer and cover it with tissue before putting on socks. The skin is still extremely scaly and large flakes persist but the swelling has gone down significantly. 

I am feeling mentally withdrawn, hence the lack of posts, as I would prefer to stay in bed or in the dark than look in a mirror or go outside. I feel pretty self conscious when I have gone outside. But I feel like I am on the right path, I just need more healing to occur faster! I've even taken pictures of my skin but find them so disgusting looking that I quickly delete them. So sorry, no picture update today but I feel as though the description is enough to log my progress. 

edit: here's a quick foot pic. less swollen, ankle skin is intact but around toe is still struggling. 

Anyway, I hope you are all starting the new year off well and I'm looking forward to healing in the near future. 

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