Friday, January 10, 2014

Moisturizer Withdrawal Log: Week 3

Happy Friday! 3 weeks down of no moisturizing, still holding strong! (and almost 6 months of TSW)

I've been back at work for a week now and though my face started out very flaky, it's normalized and only has a few flakes on my forehead and chin. I found a way to manage these too with the help of trusty masking tape, which only removes flakes that are hanging on by a thread making skin appear smoother.

My skin is still remaining stronger than when I first started. It is very rare that I scratch until ooze is generated, and this happens only after many long minutes of scratching in a row. Still shedding fine flakes whenever I derobe but it has come to be expected. 

The itch still continues, and is definitely correlated with the size of flakes that I see (makes sense). For the most part I try my hardest not to scratch directly onto the skin. It's difficult overnight to control that but during the day, I'm dressed neck to toe so as I don't give myself access.

My foot saga continues, unfortunately, and while the ankle skin is pretty much intact, the tops of both of my feet still don't form a complete piece of solid skin. Swelling isn't completely gone as I'm on my feet all day and after work it's very lymphy, though not nearly as insane as right before Christmas. I'm continuing to manage by applying silver gel, tea tree oil and covering with tissues before putting socks on.

Mentally, I'm feeling stronger. My main emotion toward my skin and my situation now is annoyance rather than desperation. Annoyance toward the flakes, finding clothes that are comfortable, being stuck inside, constantly smelling my skin in my room, etc and so on.

So annoyed in fact that I became determined to make my own TSW gear which is made of soft cotton, has flat felled seams (read: no exposed seams on the inside), thumbholes so hands are covered and has a tall enough collar to cover the dried flakes that decorate my neck.

May I present Megan's line of TSW Friendly Fashions! Just kidding, but it's definitely a good way to channel my energy into something productive instead of lazing around. After making this prototype, I'm already planning my v2.

Besides this, I've been watching a lot of Hollywood classics and planning on catching up on the Oscar favorites this year!

How are you guys keeping your mind off TSW/MW? I'd like to know :)


  1. Hi Megan!

    I'm also at week 3--maybe week 3.5 of MW too! I have all the symptoms you do but definitely feel this is much better than glopping on moisturizer. I am just coming out of a bad, prickly , itchy depressing flare, but it lasted 48 hours vs. the days or weeks of before MW. My face is breaking out now, but otherwise not red and not particularly flakey like it was this past summer. Nor, is it cracking. I can turn my neck too.
    It is massively hard to find clothing that is comfortable,, but I figure this too shall pass...
    I like your blog!

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Yes, I forgot to mention my skin no longer feels tight either! Just very, very itchy :X I'm kind of sticking at my current condition but hopefully it's just progressing so slow I can't tell.

  2. Hi Megan,
    I finally caved and went back to the creams a couple of days ago, but my skin is actually better than ever! I actually think that giving it a break from moisturising helped it a bit!

    The fashions are cool! You should definitely bring out a line for all of us itsan folk. We could have a fashion show!

    Hope you feel better soon, especially your poor feet.

    Much love. X

    1. I saw your pics on your blog and can tell why you'd go back. We just gotta trust our gut on these things.

      Lol @ having a fashion show. I'll probably make a few more tops b/c I think I need some cotton shirts for more comfort! Damn synthetic fibers for being so ubiquitous now.

  3. Hi Megan! Just found your blog and I love it! I cant wait to try some suggestions.

    I love the clothing! I think that would be a great thing to offer ITSAN and TSW sufferers. I know I would gladly try one!

    Currently I'm moisturizing, still not sure weather or not I could deal. But to distract myself during flares I usually play video games or listen to music really loud while I medicate and sing.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you found it! I'm still feeling my way through this as well so let me know what works for you.

      I'll prob try a few more prototypes before I commit to doing anything but it would be cool to start an Etsy shop.

      Yay for video games. I play quite a few as well. And just started a marathon of "The Good Wife". It's addicting!