Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Progress post: June 11, 2013

Today started fine enough. Used only olive oil which didn't sting the skin and aggravate redness. A friend even mentioned I didn't look as red.

Skin fold under hairline always oozing still. I have been picking back there =_= Looks a lot better than a few days ago though.

Torso looked less red upon post shower application of olive oil 

But the rest of the work day was difficult. Rushed to bathroom at lunch hour and again at 4pm to remoisturize with olive oil from the cafeteria D: My skin was shedding and crawling like crazy and bone dry. I think it was because my shirt was ribbed cotton and rubbed up my shedding skin all day. Retiring that shirt for the time being! 

Tonight I will start trying to adjust my sleep pattern to 10:30-6:30 if possible as inspired by Jitka on the ITSAN forums. 

Sweet dreams all~

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