Monday, June 10, 2013

Another progress pic post

Today wasn't the greatest skin day again. I've started using olive oil instead of the Eucerin Professional Repair because it just caused my skin to sting way too much. Despite the rash from my makeup fiasco going down, I still have a ton of redness left as you can see below. 

One thing I am struggling with is sweating. Every time my skin is in contact with something it sweats and exacerbates itching. I am watching TV on the edge of my seat, literally! 

Red patches in my arm pit folds, they never get a chance to dry through the day.

Torso progress pic. In place of the rash are just a ton of little red bumps.

So hesitant to post a face pic. Sad red face. Upper lip is especially dry with cracking thick skin.

Today I slathered my face in Vaseline so that I could make it through the work day with some foundation on. I am using Chanel Vitalumiere and it seems gentle enough for my skin but I do look kind of like a grease ball. I lasted about 6-7 hours before my upper lip started to really dry out and I made my escape home to clean my face and reapply olive oil. 

Ah, to have moisture retention in my face again!


  1. Good luck Megan, your torso looks like mine, I hope we heal soon, you're on your way.

    1. Hey Wendy,

      Thanks for the kind words. I woke up feeling much better today even though my torso looks about the same. I'm looking forward to being a "pale skin" instead of "red skin" as a sign of moving forward :)