Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going nowhere fast: June 27, 2013 progress pics

I am 1.5 months into this TSW thing and I  feeling pretty hopeless. As the days go by my skin just becomes more itchy, more red, and I just feel more and more anxious about being out and about. 

My sleep is completely whacked out at this point. I have stayed up till 3, 4, even 5 am and not waking up till noon. I have trouble staying asleep and my first few hours in bed are an itch torture chamber.  Luckily I took the last few days off of work but I know things won't get better as I jump back into work. I am exposing more and more raw spots as the days go by. 

Have been trying yoga lately to calm my mind and burn some energy. I noticed some crazy sweating (or weeping?) from my neck which was quite unexpected. I couldn't tell if it was weeping or sweat and it did give me quite an itch on my neck. 

My neck has a few raw spots now as evidenced in the photos below that don't stop weeping especially when I'm sleeping. 

This whole self pity thing hasn't done much for my friendships as I feel more self indulgent and moody, perhaps annoying people unintentionally. Big Sigh!

Well I shall buckle down and hang in for the ride. Must keep reminding myself that  I will heal! 

ick. red and itchy all over. Neck has open skin now 

upper back is the worst. back of neck continues to bother me. 


  1. Awwwwww megs.
    It looks really itchy.
    You will have a calm.period soon.
    After my rash erupted 2 weeks ago all raw sore and weepy i entered a calm dry phase. Dont know how long it will last but takkng it day by day.
    O to add to that im pimplyyyyy :-(
    Sad face sad face. Well get thru this hopefully.

  2. Sorry, been here and it takes a lot of patience and belief that it will heal someday. One day at a time and before you know, months will have gone by and you will be walking someone else through this. Hang in there. xxx

  3. Hang on in there Megan! you WILL get over this in time. Keep your eyes on the GOAL, which is????????.......YOU WILL HEAL FROM ALL OF THIS!!!

  4. Early days yet, my friend.

    Keep going and things will get better. TSW is awful, but healing is sweet.

    Much love. Xxx

  5. Keep on keeping on! It is hard, it is miserable, it is painful, it is itchy, it is depressing, BUT it is TEMPORARY! Unfortunately temporary may mean months or a few years, but it DOES end!! I am still spreading and worsening at 4.5 months. Not fun, but everyone is different and we all have to carry this burden - the one thing I hold onto is this is a CURE!! Once this is over I will not have to deal with my "eczema" ever again!! What a blessing given we are told we will be like this our whole lives!! We are all here for you!!

  6. I feel for you Megan, you're just a month ahead of me from TSW. Also 28 years Old. We just have to believe but sometimes it's hard to focus. We will heal together!