Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Progress picture of my neck, the bane of my existence: June 18, 2013

My neck is my trouble spot. It's really hard to keep that area dry, especially at night so it seems to be the slowest to change. Whether I sleep on my stomach or my back, it always ends up wet. Here, I'm just showing what it looks like before I shower and after because it's so stark but it really exemplifies what my skin is going through on a daily basis.

Right before shower. Uh, can you tell this is a problem spot? Skin flakes. Yum.

Right after scrubbing skin off in shower. Redness right under hairline is where weeping is worst. 

Currently, just applying zinc oxide ointment from CVS to the area under my neck before I head off to work to keep it as dry as possible but even as I'm typing this now, it seems a bit humid back there. 


  1. I use zinc for my neck too! Looks just like yours. I just have darker skin :). Zinc has been very promising for me. Sometimes I stop using it and my skin gets bad again.so I know it makes a huge difference all in time this will heal. Hopefully I don't develop a zinc addiction. Ahahaha

    1. I don't think zinc has as much of a pharmacological effect so we should be fine :)

  2. keep up the good work Megan.
    i wish i can blog but no computer right now.
    but i am jointing down everyday and weekly pictures.
    maybe in due time.

    1. Thx Lisa. This is a pretty good outlet for when I'm feeling quite frustrated though the forums are quite helpful as well.