Monday, August 26, 2013

Whaaaat?? Normal(ish) skin?! -- Aug 26 2013 picture post!

Happy Monday!! Pardon the excessive use of exclamation points but today is a good day. 

It got off to a kind of crappy start as I was jolted awake at 6AM by an itch attack. My skin has been kind of calming down the past few days and I was looking forward to seeing the other side of this flare but the itch put me into a desperate frenzy of scratching all over.

I ran into the bathroom to scratch in the tub (so it catches all my flakes) and stripped my long sleeve sleep shirt off. To my surprise, what did I see but normal looking skin with hardly any flakes! 

Ok, not exactly normal. The texture is still "elephanty" (lack of elasticity if I bend or stretch it) but it isn't as swollen and the lack of flakes is really the most amazing part. There is a definite demarkation line where my healthy skin ends and my TSW skin starts but the swelling and redness are all down.

This is the best my skin has been in the last 3 months of this hell known as topical steroid withdrawal and I'm beginning to feel hopeful that there's an end to this thing. 

With that, we have pictures...

Color's a little off here, I'm still pink but swelling is down and skin looks smoother!

Center back of neck is still a trouble spot (I scratch there a lot) but normal colored skin is peaking through!

Pardon the camera stand (a vase and a glass :P) I can still tell the line where TSW skin is but wow compared to before I feel like I'm over TSW! (Overstated I know, but I like to indulge)

Hang in there everyone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm starting to see it!


  1. WOW MEgs!!! looking real good!!!!!! i am super happy for you!
    i hope this last for a bit!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I hope so too! Feeling very itchy today though :\