Wednesday, September 4, 2013

flare has returned: September 4 2013 picture update

What a roller coaster ride!

Last couple of days since Sunday I've observed as my skin began its descent again back into a flare. I woke up with courser and courser flakes and my sleep began to deteriorate again. 

Finally, last night I couldn't sleep until about 4 AM a my skin was itching so deeply and I pressed my nails into my shirt to appease it. 

Well, I thought to myself, it's officially back. I was hoping it was just a fluke but unfortunately it has returned. 

This time, my knees are impossibly itchy and the most oozy so I wear long pants to bed. My neck has begun to leave blood stains over night again. And the back of my hands have joined the fray. My shoulders continue to coat with giant flakes overnight and my upper chest illogically itches; I say that because the skin looks relatively normal. 

My full body pic looks about the same so here's the back of my hands which have really matured in their flaring. They probably show the most symptoms: flaking, swelling, itching and redness, though the photo somewhat washes it out. And they're the easiest for me to photograph :)

Welcome back flare. I was expecting you but please don't get too comfortable. 


  1. Hey megan,

    Sorry to see that u are flaring again. I ended up with eczema herpectium again. Did u ever find a good dr? My derm is pretty good. I think originally she didnt agree with my diagnosis but seems to be coming around.

    1. Hey Sandra,

      Sorry to hear about the herpeticum. That's never fun. I only went to my general practitioner about it but am holding off on seeing a derm because my insurance is really bad this year. She was understanding and gave me vicodin for the pain, thankfully. I'm glad you found someone who is open minded about this. The flare I mentioned in this post is starting to die down, thank goodness. Seems like it isn't as bad as the previous one so I'm hopeful that I'm on the path to healing from here. Hope the herpeticum dies down soon, and get some acyclovir daily to prevent it in the future!