Monday, August 5, 2013

less red, more weeping pix

Quick photo update. A horrible night last night. Woke up with gloves drenched in ooze and blood from the back of my neck, too disgusting to take a picture. Up for 3 hours trying to manage ooze. This morning, face was red, raw and oozy. I'll let the pix tell the rest.

Face is weeping at all the raw spots. Hurts to be outside in the wind.

Back super spotty but not too weepy. Worst weeping from neck, nonstop at night.

Back of my hands are weeping like crazy. Also red and bumpy skin. Upper chest kind of weepy and very itchy. Inner thighs have elephant skin now, especially closer to groin.

My red sleeves where I've been itching and scratching a lot. Over night I made some new wounds :(


  1. So sorry to see your suffering. i remember looking like you do now. Don't know if its any consolation but they say that the faster you flare up after giving up steroids the faster you heal. the first 6 months are the worst. Hang on in there, you WILL get better! Hope you can take some time of work and have someone who can look after you when things get really bad? Have your feet swelled up yet? What a nightmare.
    stay strong.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Unfortunately I can't take work off and I don't have someone who would be willing to be a caretaker. I haven't gotten swelling of the feet although I do have red patches on the tops of them. I'm hoping I am one of those who doesn't get edema in the limbs. Definitely looking to 6 months as the first milestone of this!