Friday, August 16, 2013

Month 3 done

Today is my 3 month mark (..yay..).

Not much to update on though because I feel like I've reached a relative plateau compared to the first couple months, perhaps slowly worsening again.

Since my last update, I had a very itchy day and probably did more harm than good by indulging my itch with some serious scratching. I've started weeping again, specifically on my left shoulder/back and neck crease and face (cheeks to chin).

My sleep has been sporadic the last two days, waking up after about five hours of sleep and being unable to go back to sleep until maybe two hours later. I'm hoping this is an aberration and that I'll get back to my sleep schedule again.

Emotionally, I've felt pretty withdrawn, almost like I just want to disappear until this whole thing is over. Also quite lethargic in the afternoon even though I'm not moving much at work. Even this post is difficult to type because I almost don't feel like this thing is worth extra thought or discussion, but since it's my month update I forced myself to do it.

Hope y'all are doing well. Wishing for quicker healing for all of us.

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