Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SURPRISE: I'm flaring again

Well,  I thought it was over but the end of February has been killer. My upper chest, upper back, arms, neck and face have been flaring the worst I've experienced in a year. I've been revisited with hyper shedding skin and the pain. Oh the pain.

I feel like I'm slightly less panicked and more able to cope with the symptoms now: pain killers for pain, lint rollers and constant wiping dead skin cells away, no showers baths or lotion for as long as I can take it, and a constant reminder to myself that this is just a temporary set back.

The following pictures were taken 2/25 after a bath. I started flaring maybe a week and a half before that. Today, I'm still in about the same state but I've avoided bathing so my skin feels marginally thicker.

This flare makes me think of the "first in last out" model of healing. I definitely started in my upper torso to face region so hopefully this is a sign of the topical steroid withdrawal burning out where it started. In any case, I look forward to being rid of this flare soon!

Stay dry, 


  1. I'm exactly where you are! I'm 23 months in, was doing great, about 90% healed, and got hit with a massive flare mid-February that's ongoing. I'm just starting to see some improvement from it this week. You're not alone :)

    1. Thanks for the supportive words. It's been pretty tough dealing with it again and my flare is still ongoing at this point but I know there will be an end soon for the both of us!

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