Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2 month update. Not what I was hoping to write about.

Welp, 2 months down.... ????? to go...

Right now, it doesn't feel like I'm progressing necessarily. Was hoping to write a more upbeat post for this anniversary but since I had a horrible night's sleep last night and woke up in so much skin pain that I called into work for a sick day, that will have to wait until I'm more up for it. Almost wanted to postpone this post BUT it is an anniversary so I will document what's going on.

As of today,  this is what's up:

Face: Cheeks, nose, forehead dry and shedding. chin and upper lip raw. chin gashy with wound like appearance.

Torso: Especially red around hands and elbows where I itch the most. Chest is intensely itchy, appearing red except for when I scratch and it turns white in my finger's path. Back is "normal" color but itchy and sheddy. Stomach is pink and shedding, itching only at night.

Limbs:  Arm sleeves are pinkish, swollen. Legs still appear mostly unaffected except for dry scaly skin on back of knees and itchy red splotchy inner thighs were they touch when I sleep.

Sleep: Same story every day, sleep 1-2 hours and pop awake. Stay awake approx 1-2 hours until I can't keep my eyes open and sleep another 4-5 hours. Feel groggy all day err' day.

Washing: Back to showering. Using cetaphil skin cleanser first all over before I step in to "protect skin" then rubbing all over to shed loose skin. Vaseline out of the shower after hyaluronic acid for skin parts that feel most strong, such as forehead, nose, back, upper arms.

Other: Mood is somewhat stabilized, as I have accepted my fate for the most part. Just going through the motions from day to day and trying to feel positive on days where I have less redness and weeping. Still feeling chills throughout skin when I see something that "scares me" like a yellow light, almost dropping something, feeling stressed. It died down for the last 2 weeks but yesterday and especially today I was feeling nerves strongly.

My current faves: Vaseline, even though it applies hot, keeps the most moisture on my skin. Zinc oxide + Allegra cooling relief mixed together on my weepy spots keeps them dry and cool.

That's all for now, as I feel like a robot today so please excuse my super dry post (har har, pun not intended). Hope you all are doing better than me today.


  1. That's 2 months closer to being completely healed!!! You are doing great - everything you are going through is normal - even though it is not normal for the "real" you - it is normal for the TSW you! You will get through this!!

    1. Tracy, YES! this isn't me! but i must accept it for the present right? I think that was the source of the initial frustration but at least for the time being living with it. I hope to post my "new life" post soon :D

  2. Hey megan.
    2 months for us already. Wow.
    Wish we could both have happy things to say. Mine goes up and down everyday just like my mood.
    I hope things turn for the better for you.
    Praying you have more good days and speedy recovery.

    1. Yeah, I hate how unpredictable it is. At least today I feel much more rested and not as haggard. My face however is another story. I must get some face time with my boss so she can see the damage and gain some understanding -_-

  3. I'm nearly 2 months down too. For some reason I never documented the date though I think it was 22nd May. We'll get through it :) xx

    1. yay! 2 months closer to healthy skin! that's the way I like to put it :) I'm hoping after 6 months the worst will behind us...